The Difference Between a ‘Placement’ & ‘Leased’ ATM Machine

Multiple businesses and retail locations can benefit from the placement of an ATM machine. Restaurants, convenience stores, casinos and other small businesses depend on revenue generated by their customers. In order to make the most profit, customers in these environments need to have ready access to additional cash when needed. Even planned events like fairs, auctions and charity events can utilize the convenience of an ATM machine.

There are several ways to obtain an ATM, whether it is a leased ATM machine or a placement ATM machine. Knowing the difference between the two options is key to making a successful and profitable choice for business owners. A leased ATM machine is installed by a professional company and the employees are trained on its operation. The business will pay a monthly lease fee for the unit with the lease normally lasting between 12 and 60 months. Upon completion of the lease period, a business may choose to purchase the machine, upgrade to a newer unit or keep leasing for substantially lower monthly fees. Someone who is leasing an ATM will be required to use their own cash to keep the machine full but can decide what the surcharge will be. All surcharges are then kept by the business. The benefits of leasing include the fact that the monthly payment is normally covered by a few surcharges and the rest becomes profit to the business. The fees can also be deducted as operating expenses.

A placement ATM is commonly known as a free ATM machine. In this situation, the title describes the scenario. There is no cost to have the unit installed or maintained. An armored car will deliver the ATM and professional technicians will take care of all the monitoring and servicing. Surcharges will be pre-determined and a business owner will be granted a certain percentage of those fees. Full placement machines are 100% taken care of by the ATM company while partial placements require individuals to keep the machine equipped with their own cash. However, any money that is withdrawn is redeposited automatically. Most automatic teller machine companies will come to the place of business and do an evaluation to make sure the location qualifies for a free ATM machine set-up.

An ATM machine can be a valuable asset to any business or revenue driven event. The convenience of these units allows its users to access quick cash when needed as well as helping business owners gain marginal profit. Anyone who is considering the placement of an ATM machine needs to evaluate their particular situation and decide which purchasing option will work best for them. Professionals and companies who specialize in this service can also be great resources when an individual needs assistance in making the right decision.

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