Mobile ATM Services

Mobile ATM MachinesWe are one of the few ATM Machine companies who offers mobile ATM Machine services to companies and non-profit organizations who need a short term ATM placement or to small businesses who do not have access to a phone land-line or IP Internet connection.

Who Uses a Mobile ATM Machines?

Typically this type of service is used for big events: concerts, non-profit events (marathons, walkathons, etc), festivals, theatre show, fundraisers, weddings, etc.

For outdoor events, we can place the machines under tents and secure them properly.  We even load the machines with cash and make sure they working fully for the entire event, so the event attendees can always have access to cash on-site.  More cash on site equals more profits for your event!

Mobile ATM Machine Benefits

  • Low or no cost to you!
  • Most cash on-site equals more profits to you!
  • Your customers want you to have one. It is convenient and makes it easier for people who attend your events to do more business with you.
  • Increase in foot traffic: Customers who need to withdraw cash will be looking for your ATM sign. Having an ATM on site is an excellent way to attract customers to your booth, before distracting them with product offerings
  • Increase sales: Businesses with ATM Machines have larger profit, as people generally spend what they just withdraw.
  • Fee reduction: Customers are more likely to pay with cash instead of card if there is an ATM Machine in your store. As a result, you do not have to pay as much processing fees due to the reduced number of card transactions.
  • Control Bad Debt: You don’t have to worry about issues like charge backs, disputes and bad checks while dealing with paper money. Cash does not bounce. Your business always need more cash and ATM machines offer the opportunities for your business to get paid in cash for your products and services.
  • Surcharge Revenue: When a customer uses your ATM, you will be able to determine a transaction fee, or “surcharge” to charge the customer. This will earn your business greater revenue on a regular basis.

Our Guarantee’s are:

  • Treat you with integrity – No Hidden Fees.
  • No-obligation estimates.
  • Top-Notch Customer Support 365 days out of the year!

Why ATM Canada Inc is the Best Choice?

Making sure you have the best ATM Machine transaction services with the lowest possible rates is important for your business. We understand that purchasing an ATM Machine is a major commitment to make, which is why we will work with you to insure you are 100% satisfied. We have been in the ATM Machine service industry since 1997. We have strong reputation of reliable and insightful ATM service. We can assure you of many years of trouble free ATM operation. Our pledge of excellence and unbeatable pricing are your guarantee that you will get the best ATM deal possible on all ATM Products and Services.


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