How Does a ATM Machine Increase Foot Traffic

An ATM machine can increase foot traffic to your store, bringing in loyal customers who will depend on you for their banking needs. Studies have shown that even though many people now use debit and credit cards for their everyday purchases, most customers still depend on cash to make smaller, impulse purchases. In addition, many people withdraw cash as a part of their workday routine. Studies have shown that customers often spend more money in a store after having visited the ATM. Having an ATM benefits both your business and your customers, providing them with a valuable service while increasing traffic to your business. Just like a Kijiji visitor sees all the other offers on the way to their purchase, through-traffic becomes involved in your business.

How Does an ATM Machine Increase Foot Traffic?

When a customer needs cash, they will stop at the first business that will provide ATM services. Customers tend not to be price-sensitive when using an ATM, and are willing to pay an extra fee for the convenience of having easy cash at hand. In addition, customers will consider your business a part of their daily routine, purchasing products from your store while handling their banking needs.

What Does it Cost Me to Place an ATM in My Store?

When you place an ATM in your business, you have little to no risk. There are no upfront fees, transaction fees or rental fees. An ATM machine has a small footprint, and needs only a small area in which to operate. In addition, its power needs are low, making it a profit-making enterprise that requires no maintenance.

Are you worried that an ATM will not fit in with your business decor? ATM services companies can provide your business with the right machine for your overall look. ATM cabinets come in a variety of colors, wood finishes and styles. You can have the ATM built into the wall for unobtrusive access, or choose from a standalone unit that fits securely against the wall.

Having an ATM in your business will increase traffic by attracting customers into your store to complete financial transactions. Simply use the provided sign to tell your potential customers that your store has an ATM on site. Choose from a neon sign that will alert customers from a distance, or use a small sign in your store window. Are you looking for a low-key way to advertise your ATM on site? There are small stickers available for your store window. Offer machines that dispense $10 bills and watch your traffic and sales soar, this is a great feature in college towns.

Having an ATM on site can be a great boost for your business. Enjoy the profits from repeat business and loyal customers. Choose the right ATM company that will provide you with the most passive moneymaker your business will ever enjoy.

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