Benefits To Businesses With An ATM Machine

A stores’ foot traffic can be increased by purchasing (or renting), then installing an ATM machine, as loyal customers will use your business premises for convenience in banking. While most people will use credit or debit cards for larger purchases, impulsive buying will typically see customers using cash. A lot of people will also use ATM services to withdraw daily cash. It has been shown in studies that consumers will usually spend more if they have used the stores ATM. They are many ATM benefits for both the customers and business, as customers have convenient banking facilities and the business has increased traffic.

How is Foot Traffic Increased with an ATM Machine?

If cash is needed by a customer they will typically visit the closest business providing ATM services. A customer will not normally be concerned about the price of using an ATM and will be happy to pay any additional fees that being able to have convenient cash may bring. Customers will also be more likely to use your business on a daily basis, buying items from you and at the same time as managing their banking requirements.

How much will it Cost to have an ATM Machine on my Premises?

There is hardly any risk to your business by having an ATM machine installed. You will not have to pay any rental fees, transaction fees or fees upfront. All you need is a relatively small area to place the ATM. It is also worth remembering that these machines use minimal electricity to run and are maintenance free.

If you have concerns that an ATM will not match the decor of your business, you will be reassured to discover that an ATM company providing ATM services will be able to supply you with a machine that matches the look of your business. The cabinets of ATMs are available in various styles, wood finishes and colors. You will also be able to choose whether you would like a unit that securely stands alone, or if you would prefer one to be set into a wall for access that is unobtrusive.

Attracting customers by buying, renting, or leasing an ATM on your premises is financially beneficial. Informing customers that there is an ATM on site is achieved easily by using the sign provided by the ATM company. Small store window signs or larger neon signs, as well as small stickers are perfect. By providing customers with machines dispensing $10 bills you will see your sales rocket.

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