ATM Machines as a Payment Processing Solution


An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) can be added to your small business to ensure timely payment processing once you have decided what is best for your operations.

Two of the most important things to understand about an ATM machine placement is:

  1. It is usually only best considered for high traffic areas.  It is also an industry assumption that 3-5% of people seeing the ATM machine will use it and
  2. ATM profits are made through the surcharge for each valid withdrawal.

There are several ways for a business owner to have an ATM machine, the first being out-and-out full ownership.  The merchant takes care of all costs, including the original machine price, paper for receipt printing, cash for the machine and maintenance charges.

A second consideration would be to have a machine through a Co-Op arrangement where you and the machine owner split all costs and profits 50/50.

For small businesses, probably the best choice for cost effectiveness is free ATM placement, where companies offer a fully serviced ATM machine installed in the business with no expense to the site owner and a benefit of a percentage of each surcharge paid to them.

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